“AKWAABA”…! WELCOME…! BIENVENU…! WILLKOMMEN…! BINE AI VENIT…! To Help the African Child Foundation”

Help the African Child Foundation (HAC TOGO) is a mentoring platform that offers support to young persons everywhere to help them unearth, attain and fulfill their purpose in life since we believe in the mentor and disciple relationship.

We provide a relationship platform where responsible and professional adults interact with and mentor young persons to help them reach their potential believing that if we are many in body but one in mind we can achieve a lot.

HAC  Togo is a relationship for development, growth and success. It is a platform for echoing positive values and humanity, as well as the provision of general guidance about life such as decision-making and problem solving skills. We teach them to be independent

 The interactions generate meaningful and purposeful conversations. These assist the young persons to reflect on the experiences of the adults to help them make informed decisions and act upon the ideas that are generated. It helps in their social, economical, spiritual and psychological development.

HAC Togo Foundation is a structured mentoring program (community based) to connect our nation’s young person’s with mentors, who will listen to them, stand by them, inspire and guide them.

HAC Togo provides young persons with mentors—adults or older youth who will visit to provide them with inspiration, friendship, support and academic help, typically a minute a week during school and community activities,

  • 1. Come and let us make the impossible, possible by reaching out to the poor through education since its the key that opens the strongest door.
    2. It takes a minute a week to make a huge difference in the life of a younger person.
    3. Mentoring engages and inspires the younger generations.
    4. Our younger generation benefit from positive role models, however many of them do not have any positive role models in their lives and need someone like you.

Unless you take action – unless you stand up and step up and engage, inspire the young persons of our nation, there are a countless number of them who will never realize their full talent and potential.


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